Digital Marketing Mix

Digital Marketing Strategy Mix

Every business needs 3 things:

  1. Lead Generation
  2. Credibility and Brand Awareness
  3. Customer Communication

This diagram shows you how to align some of the most common internet marketing strategies to match your most strategic business priority.

Priority Online Marketing Tactics

Pay Per Click

It is important to choose the tactic with the highest priority. If want to generate leads quickly, the tactic to use is Google pay per click. Looking at the lead generation column in red, you see that Google pay per click is the best choice to generate leads. This is because, in most cases, we can get a result on Google within 24 hours using paid search.

Organic Optimization

Once we have learned the best keywords for Google from pay per click, we can then use the keywords to search engine optimize your website. Search engine optimization helps you create an asset of your website and as you get higher rankings you rely less on paying Google for your advertising.

Content Marketing

When it comes to content marketing, this is where we write articles and add them to your website, they are how-to articles and informational articles. This is a powerful way of marketing and has many benefits. Content marketing is definitely the best way to be seen as a thought leader and delivers more relevant content for search engines to index.

Social Media

We can see that social media also provides a great way to build brand as well as communicating with customers/prospects. Social media can include blogging, video syndication, participating in online conversations and much more.

Other Considerations

Everyday new and amazing tools and technologies are introduced to help business leverage the Internet. On the rise is Mobile Marketing, for example. Application of on-site conversion and measurement tools can help productivity, too. Enhance your site with Live Chat and Clickt-to-call features. Users love the instant interaction and sales will show it.

Align your Marketing and Grow

So use this diagram to help you prioritize the use of your digital marketing budget. Share this with your management team to show the type of tactics that you can use to help the support your business objectives for the year. As experienced Internet Marketing Consultants, our team can help you minimize trial & error by customizing your strategic mix based on your competitive landscape and budget. Give us a ring for a free phone consultation.



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